Services I Provide

Generating high quality leads for your brand or business, targeted on actual interested customers looking to buy and use your product/service
Track how the lead generation process is working, number of leads captured, lead conversion and cost/ budget allocation
Diary management, follow-ups and appointment setup so you and your sales team can focus on converting these into valuable sales revenue
Targeted and personalized emails to increase sales, brand awareness, and build stronger customer relationship
Capture leads, track their activities and behavior, and qualifying and engaging them until they are ready to be passed on to you to progress
Targeted Ads, Calls-to-Action (CTAs), Smart Designed forms & Landing pages, driving real visitors to your site

Why Choose Me

Experienced and Dedicated
I’m reliable, passionate and experienced and I’m a great communicator. I’m friendly and dedicated to helping my clients succeed.
Simple, Flexible Lead Gen Solution
I provide a simple but effective lead generation solution which involves attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting leads, tailored about your business.
Why hire an agency with huge overheads when you could hire me to act as an outsourced team member for a fraction of the price?
Results Driven
I love getting real results for my clients – more conversions from potential customers who will use your business, products and services and more traffic to your website.

I write blogs on cake baking and decorating. ChampLeads has helped me monetize my blogs and advertise to new and existing customers, giving me a new revenue stream. Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing is powerful...I am glad I have learned how it works and turned my hobbie into an online business.

- Kate Reynolds -

I am the owner of a local dry cleaning business. I had a steady stream of regular customers but I wanted to gain new customers and all my advertising methods had failed. ChampLeads introduced me to new tools and online methods using Social Media - now I have gained new customers and increased awareness of my business online and in my local and neighboring towns.

- Nick Parkinson -