Lead Reporting

Once the lead generation strategy has been launched, you’ll want to view reports to see how it is progressing and how the designated audience is responding. Through Lead Reporting, I can track how the lead generation process is working, number of leads captured, lead conversion and cost/ budget allocation etc and provide this to you in a clear, concise report.

Some of the performance metrics that I can report on include:

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Number of Leads
  • Conversion Rate
  • Page Views
  • And More…

Lead Reporting Benefits

View and Monitor Results
Analyze the performance of a specific marketing campaign or effort
Smart Research
Attract new customers, retain existing customers based on performance metrics
Website Optimization
Optimization of page content, page userability and call to actions (CTA’s)
Lead Gen Img

Lead generation is an essential part of business and you have to get it right to ensure that your company budget goes to good use. Taking on a serious lead generation campaign can be daunting because it needs a robust process to measure its performance.

However, with some groundwork to determine the right metrics for your business, goals and audience, you’ll have a solid foundation from which to build. As you track more metrics and gather data over a significant period, you’ll develop a better understanding of the customer journey and your business.

With a holistic view that considers key performance indicators at every touchpoint, you’ll have a more in-depth knowledge of your channels and campaigns. This approach will give you everything you need to make smarter business decisions that improve your lead generation results.


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