Lead Management

Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, and qualifying and engaging them until they are ready to be passed on to you or your sales team to progress.

Having all your leads in one place or system helps manage the leads and their business activities and interests. There are various systems available to help to this quickly and efficiently.

If you don’t already have your own system and or even if you have or use a system for this task, I can help you set this so that all your leads are managed in one place. From here you can manage which leads have been contacted and which have been converted to customers.

6 signs you need a lead management system

No single source of information

Sales reps constantly juggling between multiple tools to access lead information.

No initial lead qualification

You don’t have a process or methodology like ranks and scores to qualify and unqualify leads.

No insight into lead’s activities

You aren’t tracking the prospect’s activities on your website, product, and email; losing your potential buyers.

Missed Follow-ups

Sales reps are forgetting or too busy to make a follow-up call or email prospects.

Lack of visibility

Sales reps don’t have visibility into the lead’s buying journey through the sales cycle.

Lack of lead nurturing

Your sales teams are focusing more on the ‘good’ sales leads that the ones who require extensive follow-up.

Lead Management System vs. Spreadsheets

If you’re using spreadsheets for lead management, you’re not alone. Spreadsheets are easy to access and understand – when you’re a small business. But when you’re keen to grow your business, spreadsheets fall short.

Spreadsheets are designed for specific functions, and they perform those functions well. Managing a high volume of sales leads is not one of them. Managing leads and converting them to customers means being able to look beyond data and understand the context that drives interactions. This context is obtained through phone and email communications, and interactions with your website and product.

Being able to access all this context instantly and with minimal effort is where a single tool – lead management system – can make a difference and I can help you do this. To discuss more about how I can help you or your sales team manage your leads, just contact me at the below form.

To discuss more about how I can help you or your sales team manage your leads,
reach out to me via the below form.

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